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CDL Driving Laws & Regulations in Bronx, NY


Disclaimer: Important Laws & Regulations

You only have to be 18 to drive a commercial vehicle in the state of New York; however, if you wish to drive interstate, you must be at least 21. Throughout the state, there are many companies who require interstate driving, which means you need to consider this when you are looking to get your CDL.
Under NY law, if you receive 11 or more points in an 18-month period, the DMV will suspend your CDL. The only time you can request a hearing is to prove that someone else committed the violations which appear on your driver's license. There are many laws that you need to be aware of in New York – including not being able to talk on your cell phone, and the fact that you cannot idle your car for extended periods of time anywhere in the state.
So many opportunities exist in New York. You can tap into many of them once you get your CDL in hand.